Commit 97e1dd1c authored by Nicolas Steinmetz's avatar Nicolas Steinmetz

Add alias urls

parent adca9429
import feedparser
import os, sys
import os, sys, re
from argparse import ArgumentParser
from slugify import slugify
from markdownify import markdownify as md
......@@ -65,10 +65,13 @@ def main():
## Atom Case
p = re.compile('https?:\/\/[a-z.]+')
for entry in f.entries:
title = entry.title
link =
baseUrl = p.match(
link =[len(baseUrl):]
date = entry.published
if "updated" in entry:
lastmod = entry.updated
......@@ -88,7 +91,7 @@ def main():
output.write('date: %s\n' % date)
output.write('title: "%s"\n' % title.replace('"','\''))
output.write('author: %s\n' % author)
output.write('previous_url: %s\n' % link)
output.write('alias: ["%s"]\n' % link)
if 'tags' in entry:
output.write('tags: ["%s"] \n' % '", "'.join(tags))
if 'updated' in entry:
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